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Goat Shack Farmstead (100 X 1000)_edited

Who We Are

We are the same Meyer's Goat Shack you've always known and loved; however,  we're increasing our business offerings to the Farming Side of the house!  We've relocated to Northern KY and have started farmsteading on our farm, Goat Shack Farmstead, Pendleton County, KY! 

Our main offering right now is our amazing Farm Fresh Eggs!  Delivery weekly on Wednesdays and at the Fort Thomas Farmers' Market.  We also have hogs and meat goats.  Dairy goats are in the near future!

Join our egg group for more details: Goat Shack Farmstead Eggs

Just picked up 100 baby Chicks this week (June 2023) so our number of eggs will triple within the next 4 to 5 months.  Our farm family is steadily growing and we have added 4 Doelings to our herd! 

Who Are We
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